What Cohort?

Cohort study (English: Cohort Study), a longitudinal study (a type of observational studies) is that in medicine, social sciences, statistical and applied ecology. The studies examined risk factors and healthy control subjects (without disease) is under review. Relationships and correlations to determine the risk factors used together.

This type of study design clinical studies that must be compared with cross-sectional study. Cohort studies (cohort) More prospective. Hmgrvhh refers to a group of people that their common experiences in a specified time together is sharing. (Eg birth, the use of a drug or vaccination or an infection, or performing a medical procedure specified) to a group of people in a day or in a certain period of time are born with birth cohort is said to be the matching groups each other in a cohort group to be exposed to a substance such as being located or in another review, but another level (with a special feature in common) are in this group. In a Hmgrvhh are subgroups that may be compared with each other.

Cohort study in Rafsanjan what body do?

President of the University of rums and their assistants after months of efforts to improve the health of people permission to do the cohort of the city has also received high cost.

Is the information available to people in other organs such as the statistics are to be put?

No information is strictly confidential and will only retain their QuickBooks database and then analyze the cohort.

Economic situation of households affect people's health?

Prosperity and good economic situation decreased mental disorders and physical activity can be damaging. But on the other hand should exercise and proper nutrition are also prevents weight gain.

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