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Preliminary study on population demographics to select suitable for sampling and implementation of non-communicable diseases cohort study of Rafsanjan proposal was developed. Then, to gather demographic information with regard to health and population coverage area, referred to health centers in rural city. At this time, enough time to see the situation in the region as well as special features for concrete population was provided to the experts.

After the administrative procedures and the introduction of experts from the Research Council of the Department of Health and then introduce them to all health centers in urban / rural, experts began gathering information. The information on all urban centers in Rafsanjan, whose number is 9 units were collected.

Another important point is the focus of the crowd. Since the study cohort is very long and need to keep track of the population covered during the execution of the study is essential, therefore, if the population at the beginning of the very sparse to be gathering information and keeping track of upcoming examination period required will be very difficult. It is preferred that the concentration of population, as long as that does not lead to selection bias and the population to be used, be maintained. It is also worth noting that the successful implementation of the first stages in the population depending on the circumstances and possibilities, expanded coverage area.

Hence one of the objectives of the survey population growth is due to immigration status and are fixed as much as possible.

At the end of data collection centers showed a difference so considerably between the population centers do not exist, but given that the city of Rafsanjan metropolis and urban fabric is inseparable from the fabric of rural and traditional is not still popular culture is largely a mix of urban and rural culture. Therefore, if we want people to sample and start working we choose only the population of Rafsanjan we choose may be due to demographics can be targeted sampling of urban and rural areas and to focus the population can be met because the rural population covered by the urban fabric and the number of centers has a few villages are covered.

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